Q: Where is The Sweet Shop located?

A: The Sweet Shop - a fully-licensed facility - is located in Smithville, TN (Dowelltown address) near DeKalb County High School. Please call for specific directions as we are a by-appointment-only facility, closed Sun. - Tues.

Q: What factors are considered in The Sweet Shop cake prices?

A: Two main factors are considered when determining a cake price: time involved in a particular design & level of difficulty/creativity required. Other factors affecting price include: high quality ingredients, custom/specialty toppers, embellishments and/or other edible additions, as well as equipment/supplies needed for a particular order.

Q: What form of payment does The Sweet Shop accept?

A: The Sweet Shop accepts cash or check as a form of payment.
   *NOTE: If you are a first-time customer, and your order is more than $50.00, cash is required. In addition,
    orders totaling $70.00 or more require a half-down deposit at least one week prior to pick-up date.
    *Wedding orders do not apply to this cash-only policy.

Q: How much notice is needed for orders?

A: Though not always necessary, we suggest 3-4 months notice for weddings/large orders - most Summer dates (May - August) & October often require the latter. For other orders, including birthday cakes, it is suggested that you contact us at least 2 weeks in advance, more if possible. More notice is needed if event is on or near a holiday.