*Note: Cakes pictured are cakes we have done in our shop and provided here as examples of our work. Other designs are available / can be created. For more information, call: 615-473-3308.

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  Sheet Cakes
*Base Price
22-25 servings = $25.00
32-35 servings = $35.00
45-50 servings = $50.00

Custom Cakes
(ex: special themes/tiered cakes)
*NO fondant and/or character figures
*Base price
$1.50/serving (non-tiered)
$2.00/serving (tiered)

Custom Cakes with extras
(ex: special themes/tiered cakes)
*fondant or other embellishments
and/or character figures
*Base price

Topsy Turvy Cakes
*Base Price

3D Cakes
(limited designs)
*Base Price

*Base Price